The Chef

While Melbourne sleeps, Nans and his team are working hard to provide bread and pastries for his customers.

Choukette’s desserts and treats are created by Nans Wojtczak. It was in his home town of Poitiers in western France that Nans first developed an appreciation for the finest French cuisine.

Nans followed the most engaging way to become a pastry chef he is “compagnon du devoir”. During 7 years he did his “tour de France” to learn the french patisserie “savoir faire” (Bordeaux, Cologne, Craon, Toulouse, Colmar and Nantes).

Nans is a pastry chef with a special interest for the dough (Croissant, puff, shortcrust, shortbread…) and he loves to share his knowledge with people keen to learn.

Discover the ``French Savoir Faire``

It is the combination of Nans’ French background, extensive training and love of the finest cooking that has resulted in the creation of the variety of delicious products available at Choukette.

Nans’ dedication to quality and innovation is unquestionable. Working as a pastry chef is particularly demanding. A meticulous approach is required in order to ensure that all products are of the highest quality. The results are particularly gratifying for Nans who likes to express his creativity in the kitchen.